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Albany Convict Gaol


Albany is one of the port cities and is located on the south coast of Western Australia. The city of Albany was situated at a distance of nearly 400 kms from Perth which is one of the state capitals. It is located on the Princess Royal Harbour and the population of the place is approximately 30,000. It was one of the places where early European settlements took place and this happened in 1826. In Western Australia it was the only deep water port before the construction of the Fremantle Port in 1897. There is a Mediterranean climate in Albany. There are a lot of Tourist attractions in Albany, Western Australia and some of the notable among them are Residency Museum, Albany Tourist Information Centre, Albany Public Library and Information Service and Albany Town Hall Theatre. However, one of the places which attract the tourists is Albany Convict Gaol, Albany.

Albany Convict Gaol, Albany is situated near the Stirling Terrace & Parade Street. It was one of the men’s cell blocks and there were also some of the warders’ quarters which were built in 1852. Albany Convict Gaol in Albany is a place where the imperial convicts were brought as skilled laborers and artisans. There were cells for the women, warder’s quarters and a great hall which were constructed between the period of 1872 and 1875. This was also the time when the Albany Convict Gaol at Albany was used as a colonial prison. During the time of the Great Depression of 1930 The Gaol was used as a police lockup. There was a major restoration drive between the period of 1989 and 1996 and the Gaol was returned to its original state.

Albany Convict Gaol, Albany today is one of the well appointed museums and there is a lot of historic presentation. Here you can also come across a number of maps, photographs and a lot of aboriginal artifacts. There are also important relics which are from the days of the penal colony.

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