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How to Reach Albany


A port city on south coast of Western Australia – Albany is located 400 km to the south of Perth. The site of Western Australia’s first European settlement, Albany is situated on Princess Royal Harbor, which is a natural inlet of the Southern Ocean. The bustling town reverberates with overwhelming natural beauty and is counted among the prime tourist destinations in Australia. offers detailed travel guide on How to Reach Albany.

Reaching Albany is easy, because the city lies about four hours’ drive from Perth, and sports easy air, road and sea access from Perth and numerous destinations within Australia as well as from international destinations worldwide.

How to Reach Albany by Road – Reaching Albany by Road through the Albany Highway from Perth takes about 4 hours of driving, on single carriageway road. The route features overtaking lanes after every 5-10km. This route being the direct one, there’s not much of tourist attractions on the way. More scenic routes to reach Albany from Perth would take additional time of course.

Road travel to Albany can also be by bus, with operators like Transwa running daily buses from Perth to Albany. The tourism information centre, where the coaches arrive and depart from, also sells tickets and handles bookings.

How to Reach Albany by Rail – Passenger trains are no longer available to reach Albany. Earlier -between 1961 and December 1978 - the Western Australian Government Railways operated a narrow gauge passenger train between Perth and Albany called the Albany Progress.

How to Reach Albany by Air – the most convenient way to reach Albany by air is through flights to the Albany Airport, located 10 km to the north of Albany on Albany Highway. Daily flights from Perth are operated by Skywest airlines to reach Albany. Charter flights can be availed from most major towns in Australia to reach Albany. Perth being one of the major international gateways to Australia, the city is serviced by as many as 12 international airlines, which operate daily services to Perth from worldwide.

How to Reach Albany by Ship – another popular mode of transport for reaching Albany in Australia is by cruise ships. An increasing number of passenger ships service the port city of Albany every year.

Cheap World Tours gives detailed information on How to Reach Albany and on Albany Tours.

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