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Stirling Range National Park


The Stirling Range National Park near Albany is definitely one of the most popular and well known tourist attractions around Albany. There are an endless number of other tourist attraction spots in and around the buzzing city of Albany. Albany is situated around a port on its southern coast and has a metropolitan area population of 31,600 (as of the 2006 census). The Stirling Range National Park is named after first Governor of Western Australia in the name of Captain James Stirling. This park takes up an area of 115,744 hectares (286,000 acres).

The beautiful Stirling Range National Park near Albany in Australia possesses beautiful and unusual plants, that include Darwinias or Mountain Bells. The park also houses ten species of Mountain Bells. But only one type of mountain bells is grown outside the Stirling Range. Mountain Bells are usually found on acid sandy clay soil and above the 300m contour level. Each one of the species require a well-defined area. It can either grow only on one particular peak or in the valleys between them.

In the spring time, the park is something to look forward to with the mesmerizing wildflowers in all their rainbow hues and tinges. The well known varieties of orchids to be found include the Scarlet Stirling Banksia and the Smokebush. You will find more than 1,000 species of flowering plants that occur naturally in the park and out of which 60 are endemic. You will also get the opportunity to see Grey kangaroos and black gloved wallabies in the Stirling Range National Park near Albany. There are a large number of Parrots and emus to be seen in this park. Camping is allowed in the Stirling Range National Park near Albany but at Moingup Springs only.

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