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Albany, often considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Western Australia, is a home to amazing scenic wonders. The city is most famous for its worldwide recognized attraction whale watching. Aside from this entertaining attraction, the city also boasts of an excellent appeal that is well reflected in its attractions. A visit to Albany is best completed and experienced by opting for various Albany tours. These tours in Albany are sure to offer you the opportunity of catching the city at its best. Explore the historic sites of the city, get close to nature, witness spectacular scenic beauty, and experience the thrill of whale watching by choosing from various tours in and around the city.

1.Popular Albany Tours

Take a tour to Albany through the various guided tours offered by the travel operators based in the city. A guided tour to Albany is sure to help you discover and explore the city at its best. Look at some of the most opted Albany tours, which are highly acclaimed with the tourists.

2.Whale Watching Tours in Albany

A visit to Albany is best completed by a whale watching tour in the city. The city features various tour companies organizing for a whale watching tour during the peak season. The tour is sure to offer you with great adventure and thrill. Whale watching tour in Albany is organized during the months of early June to October and December to April.

3.Albany Day Tour

Explore the city, as you have never done before with an Albany day tour. You can opt for any such tours organized by various city based tour operators. An Albany day tour would take you closer to the varied attractions in the city alongside a cruise ride. A day tour in and around Albany would take you through the historic streets of the city.

4.Albany Bike Tour

Experience the city while riding on a bike. You can opt for a bike tour in and around Albany planned by various tour operators. A bike tour is sure to offer you thrill and adventure. Experience the feel of riding on Harley Davidson as you go around discovering the best of the city. You can also opt for a Trike, which is sure to offer you a comforting feel.

5.Historic and Scenic Albany Half-Day Tour

While on a visit to Albany, you can opt for a half-day tour in and around the city that would introduce you to the scenic wonders of the city. Opt for a half-day Albany tour and plan one of the best visits to the city. This particular tour would also take you through some of the historic attractions in the city. In general, a historic and scenic half-day tour in and around Albany stops at attractions like, Middleton Beach through Marine Drive, Mt Clarence & Desert Corps Memorial, Old Farm Strawberry Hill, Princess Royal Fortress, and Emu Point.

6.Summer Cruise Tour

While on a visit to Albany, you can also go for a ride in the waterfront in one of the summer cruises. There are various city based tour operators featuring such tours along the waterways in Albany. This tour is sure to offer you with an experience of a kind. Enjoy the scenic wonders as you relax on the deck of the cruise. In general, a cruise tour takes around 3 hours of time. Breakfast is included in some particular tours. While on a cruise ride, you will also get the opportunity to go for a swim and opt for hot showers on board.

7.Deep Sea Fishing

The city of Albany also offers various tours involving entertaining activities. Some city based tour companies feature Deep Sea Fishing tours for the tourists in seek of adventure. Albany is home to excellent Deep Sea Fishing opportunities. In general, a deep sea fishing tour includes a ride to the destination with all the fishing necessities. Some of the tour companies also offer on-board BBQ and include breakfast in their tour itinerary.

Albany tours offer you excellent entertainment along side a learning experience. Opt for tours in Albany to experience the city at its best.

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Last updated on 29/10/2010

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