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Whispering Wall of Barossa Valley


Located sixty kilometers North-East of Adelaide, in the Northern Mount Lofty ranges is the Barossa valley fed by the North Para river. One of the world's foremost wine producers, it derives its uniqueness from the Whispering Wall of Barossa Valley, Adelaide. The dam is the brainchild of Irish born engineer Alexander Bain Moncrieff who came up with the innovative idea of a concave concrete structure that would curve backwards against the pressure of the stored water. It was built between 1899 and 1902 and the boldness of its design won it international acclaim.

The Whispering Wall of Barossa Valley, Adelaide runs along a length of 140 meters and gets its name from the acoustic features which were discovered accidentally after the completion of the dam. The curve of the wall allows sound to travel along its length. If you speak in a normal voice at one end, your friend on the other side could hear you perfectly making it look like an acoustic miracle. This phenomenon is particularly favorite with the little ones who marvel at this exciting feature of the dam.

The Whispering Wall provides a good scenic view of the Barossa Reservoir as well as its beautiful surroundings. Besides boasting the acoustic effects which amuse kids and adults alike, the Whispering Wall holds other attractions as well. The area has a flourishing animal and bird life and a wide variety of flora. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in South Australia and remains open on all the days of the year except Christmas Day and Total Fire Ban Day in the Mount Lofty Ranges district. It has become a popular destination over the years for picnics, bird watching, fishing and bush walking.

There is a Water Works Museum which has an interesting display of heritage water supply items. You could visit the dam from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The information about the dam's history is provided by guides and posted boards.

The Barossa Valley is just an hour's drive from the airport at Adelaide and you could also put up at affordable places if you want to stay. Take the opportunity to taste free wine from family owned farms where they grow the wine traditionally.

Be it the Whispering Wall of Barossa Valley, Adelaide the breathtaking beauty of the well-preserved natural bounty, or the wide range of wine tasting opportunities, Barossa Valley beckons with its variety of resources. So get Down Under and get going!

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