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Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary


When in the capital city of South Australia, one the most popular places to visit is the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. Warrawong literally means “water on the side of the hill” and it is here that the sanctuary was first established in 1969. Home to one hundred species of birds and native mammals, the sanctuary houses the Australian animals in a well protected habitat. A stroll through the sanctuary brings you closer to the nature as you admire the beautifully preserved environment and the rare and endangered species that have found a home in Warrawong.

You could go for a walk between 9 am and 4pm which is free of charge and also opt for the various guided walk programs available. The sanctuary is open on all days of the year from 9 am to 9 pm, and is closed only on Christmas Day. The nocturnal guided walk takes you into the heart of the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary and you can see the animals in their habitat after sundown. There are also special guided tours for families with very small children, which allow you to feed the animals at night. You could interact with nature even at the break of dawn if you go for a guided tour in the morning.

Warrawong is home to a number of native species like the Red Kangaroo, the Platypus and the Rainbow Lorikeet. A stroll on the boardwalk, and you could hear the parrots and finches chirping somewhere near, koala bears climbing down red gum trees or see a potoroo scurrying by.

There is a restaurant in the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary as well, where you could enjoy a lazy lunch or a sumptuous dinner after taking in the freshness and the purity of nature. You could even decide to stay in one of the eco-cabins that the sanctuary has, which provide bed and breakfast as well as arrange for guided tours and animal shows.

An ideal weekend getaway after a maddening week in the city, it is also a venue for the perfect romantic date that you were looking for. A popular tourist attraction in Adelaide, Warrawong welcomes all with its boughs spread wide and its inhabitants with their amusing antics.

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