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Kangaroo Island


Separated from the mainland of Australia by only 15 km of watery stretch, the slumbering Kangaroo Island is the tourist's favorite choice for excursion from Adelaide. Named as Kangaroo Island by Mathew Flinders, in 1802, this island is the naturalist's haven for exotic and endangered species of animals and virgin forests populated by rare flora and fauna.

The economy of this third largest island of Australia is agriculture dependant with a special thrust on eco-tourism. The island is famous for its honey being the only place on the planet where you can get a pure strain of the Liguarian variety of bees. Kingscote is the largest town in Kangaroo Island and the only place where you may expect modern facilities like supermarkets and banks.

Kingscote also has the distinction of being the home to Fairy Penguins, the world's smallest variety of penguins, standing at 14 inches only. If you are fond of adventure then you may wish to avail one of the guided tours offered by the Penguin Interpretive Centre for a nightly tour along the fishing harbour to see these flightless miniatures catapulting on the shore and making a beeline for the family condo where they rest for the night before leaving at daybreak to fish again.

Two favorite excursion destinations are:

  1. Flinders Chase National Park: Walking quietly through the eucalyptus trees of this sanctuary you may easily chance upon koala bears nestling quietly and fearlessly among the branches. Another endangered species that finds shelter here is the Duck Billed Platypus.

  2. The large Australian sea lion colony on the beach is called Seal Bay Conservation Park. It is one of the major tourist attractions on Kangaroo Islands and will certainly leave indelible marks on your memory. Visitors can avail of a paid and guided tour only to the beach.
On your excursion to Kangaroo Island you may also wish to visit:
  • Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area
  • Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area
  • Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area
The most chosen mode of transport to Kangaroo Islands from the mainland is the ferry. It takes nearly 45 minutes to reach Penneshaw by ferry. Penneshaw, situated at the north of Dudley Peninsula is the second largest town of Kangaroo Islands and serves as the ferry terminal operating from Cape Jervis.

SeaLink virtually holds monopoly over the ferry service to the island. Tickets for availing the ferry from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw must be booked in advance. SeaLink also provides road transfer facility to Cape Jervis. SeaLink ferry service from Cape Jervis operates twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

The only other means of transport to the island is by air that may take about 30 minutes. Air South owns their own terminal and also operates flights to Kingscote regularly. Regional Express too operates regular flights to Kingscote.

So if you are looking for an excursion to an island where ecosystem froze to a standstill thousands of years back, Kangaroo Island would be your most preferred destination.

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